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Cushy® Oblong Viola Case Cover

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Shar's string-playing employees insist on Cushy case covers! Provides exceptional all-weather protection. Expertly crafted. lightweight, rugged, and durable.Cushy covers fit over your existing case, acting like a down blanket to protect your instrument and bow from rapid temperature changes. Their lightweight construction makes them comfortable to carry, perfect for the musician on the go. They are expertly crafted using 1/2 fiberglass- reinforced foam padding fused to black, water-resistant backpack cloth. Heavy-duty cloth-backed zippers, a non-slip shoulder strap, and a pair of reinforced handles. This cover will accommodate a case of the following maximum measurements: Length: 30" Width: 10" Height: 5.5". Please measure your viola case prior to purchase. Not all will fit the Cushy

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