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Accord Special Carbon Fiber Cello Case Black

Item# CCA900 BLK


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The new Accord Special Cello Case - strong, streamlined, lightweight and economical. Accord cases are designed to be the some of the most protective and compact cello cases on the market, while still being relatively lightweight. With their streamlined design, adjustable interior padding, and waterproof exterior, they offer a safe haven for your cello both inside and out. 7.5 lbs.

Hard UV-protective varnish
smooth round form enables easy handling not harmful to car interiors
Hard carbon fiber slot allows precise fitting all aroundthe edge
Suspension system engineered to float the instrument on a cushion of foam pad
Ecological and chemically neutral insulation prevents the accumulation of moisture
Excellent insulating qualities
Adjustable interior padding

Available in 3D Anthracite Grey Exterior w/ black interior

Made in Croatia.

4/4 Cello only

Interior dimensions:
Body length: 76 cm
Upper bout width: 39 cm
Lower bout width: 45 cm

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