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Cushy® Professional Bass Bag - 3/4 Size

Item# 1519


Without question, the ultimate Bass Bag!

Full 1 foam padding, four handles and shoulder strap made of heavy-duty seat-belt material, one large accessory pocket on front, over-size sheet music on back, and rugged yet lightweight black packcloth material. Also includes 1/2 foam-padded zipper guard to protect instrument, and a heavy-duty neck restraint with solid metal rings. 8-1/2 lbs.

Cushy Classic: Gray Trim
Cushy Max: All Black

Heritage® Bass Bag 5mm Foam

Item# HBB420

Starting From: $72.99

Foam backed nylon oxford. Features quality nylon pack-cloth, zippers, one bow pocket, and three accessory pockets.

Heritage® Bass Bag 25mm Foam

Item# HBB430


25mm foam lining.

Heritage® Bass Bag with Wheels

Item# HBBW450


The new Heritage Bass Bag with Wheels features 25mm thick foam padding, an external bow pocket (ideal for a bow case), 7 carrying handles, one large sheet music pocket and accessory pocket, two heavily padded backpack straps and wheels. This bag also has strategically placed rubber bumpers wherever the bag may be subject to extra wear and tear (along the bottom, top, sides and bridge area of the bag) and for added protection.

Double Bass Buggie

Item# 1727


In Stock

The safest and easiest way to transport your bass! Fits any bass from 1/10 to 4/4. Does not put pressure on the lower block, unlike a traditional end-pin wheel, and can be put on just a few seconds. Use with your bass in or out of it's bag, without removing your end-pin.

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