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Lefin Pernambuco Viola Bow - 4/4 (17" - 14") size - Silver Mounted

Item# FB100V

Shar: $750.00Sale: $545.00

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J. Szklenar Viola Bow 1999 Prague

Item# F2 B2969

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Klaus Becker® Pernambuco 2 Star Viola Bow

Item# E2


High quality bows representing the finest in German Craftsmanship. Expert wood selection, artistic cutting, and a jewel-like finish are combined to produce these bows that are as beautiful to look at as they are to play. Medium to heavy weight, excellent balance, solid feel, articulate tone, easy bounce and response.

Presto® Carbon Fiber Viola Bow

Item# CPA120

Shar: $99.00Sale: $89.00

Enjoy the benefits of a carbon fiber bow - laser-straight tracking, excellent control and unparalleled durability - all at a great price. The perfect bow to teach young players correct technique, the Presto bow is also used by many advanced players for outdoor or pit work, or as a backup bow. PRESTO® bows are only made with aerospace-grade fibers and resins. The engineering process guarantees longevity by eliminating "creep," a flaw in carbon-fiber manufacture that can warp a bow or diminish camber over time. All bows are thoroughly inspected, meaning only bows with the best craftsmanship are sent to our customers. Black with finished stick, ebony frog with Parisian eye (bass bows with pearl eye).

Presto® Spark Carbon Fiber Viola Bow

Item# CPA125


PRESTO Spark Woven Carbon Fiber Bow - The PRESTO with BLING!

The new PRESTO Spark Woven Carbon Fiber bow has all the qualities that players love about PRESTO bows: Laser-straight tracking, great control, and outstanding durability. PRESTO spark takes these qualities three steps forward with their incredible finish -- beautiful carbon cloth weave with sparkles of color, in your choice of Blue, Red, Gold, or Silver! Exuberant silver spiral winding fits the look perfectly. And the violin bows even have a silver treble clef inlayed into the ebony frog. (Viola and cello bows have Parisian eye).

Glasser Bronx Student Model Viola Bow

Item# E302


Features horsehair, plastic frog & leatherette grip. Now with black stick.

The Glasser Bow Company has been family owned and operated in the Bronx, New York since 1938. Their sturdy fiberglass bows are tough enough to stand up to students and are a popular choice with teachers and schools.

Glasser Brooklyn Classic Premium Model Viola Bow

Item# E303W


Deluxe bow frog and nickel silver wire winding. Now with black stick.

The Glasser Bow Company has been family owned and operated in the Bronx, New York since 1938. Their sturdy fiberglass bows are tough enough to stand up to students and are a popular choice with teachers and schools.

Schmidt Workshop Viola Bow

Item# KVOB


Economical brazilwood bows best suited to beginning players. Half-lined ebony frog, leather thumb grip, three-part button, wire winding.

SHAR Fusion Carbon Composite Viola Bow

Item# SF100V


For years string teachers have told us that fiberglass bows are a durable and practical choice for active young students and their budget-conscious parents. But because they lack the finesse and handling properties of wood or carbon fiber bows, teaching bowing techniques can be difficult. We listened to our colleagues and set out to find a solution. The result is the SHAR FUSION student bow. Utilizing high tech composite of carbon fiber and fiberglass, the SHAR FUSION is strong and priced right. But best of all, the SHAR FUSION performs like much more expensive wood or carbon fiber bow. Try one today!

"When considering a new bow for their student, teachers and parents alike have expressed their desire for a well-constructed bow that doesn't compromise its playability and responsiveness. I'm happy to say this bow is an excellent option for customers looking for a durable and practical bow, without inhibiting a young player's sound and technique development. Immediately after trying this bow for the first time, I noticed how easily the violin responded to it."
- William Kaltz-Hall, Violinist, Contact Center Representative

Canadian rock group Article One (www.articleonemusic.com), combines pop-rock accessibility with the hard-driving virtuosity and honesty of an indie band. Here's what Article One's world-class rock violinist, Matt Piche', has to say about the Shar Fusion bows that he uses in his performances:
"The Shar Fusion allows me to express all the passion and intensity that Article One's music demands, without wilting or breaking. Sometimes our shows get a little crazy - the rugged Fusion bow stands up to abuse better than any wood bow, yet it plays like a good wood bow. It's ideal for demanding music-making."

W. Seifert Pernambuco Viola Bow - 4/4 (17" - 14") size - Octagonal Stick

Item# VOB14


Call 866.742.7270 for availability

W. Seifert bows are artistically crafted in Germany in the respected shop of Lothar Seifert. Ideal for the advancing player who desires a strong, well- balanced, medium weight pernambuco bow which produces a full tone. Nickel- mounted ebony frog with Parisian eye, three-part button, and wire winding. Octaganal stick.

Lothar Seifert Pernambuco Viola Bow - 4/4 (17" - 14") size - Octagonal Stick - Silver Mounted - VOB18

Item# VOB18


Call 866.742.7270 for availability

Handcrafted in Germany, exceptional Lothar Seifert bows are ideal for advanced and professional players desiring a strong, firm pernambuco bow. Medium wieght and balance. Medium to fast response, warm, round tone. Octagonal stick, silver mounted ebony frog, silver wire grip, plain eye. Model 350.

51 Items

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