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W. Seifert Pernambuco Cello Bow - 4/4 size - Octagonal Stick

Item# CB14


In Stock

W. Seifert bows are artistically crafted in Germany in the respected shop of Lothar Seifert. Ideal for the advancing player who desires a strong, well- balanced, medium weight pernambuco bow which produces a full tone. Nickel- mounted ebony frog with Parisian eye, three-part button, and wire winding. Octaganal stick.

V. C. Jeandel Pernambuco Cello Bow - 4/4 size - Round Stick

Item# CB25


Call 866.742.7270 for availability

Beautifully finished French-made bows. Quick-responding, medium-firm to strong, round stick. Nickel-mounted ebony frog.

Johannes Finkel Pernambuco Cello Bow - 4/4 size - Gold Mounted

Item# FB240C


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Guy Laurent® Pernambuco 3 Star Cello Bow - 4/4 size - Silver Mounted

Item# CB47


In Stock

Stunning silver fittings and faux tortoise shell frog on this impressive bow! Firm stick is at home with the Dvorak Concerto as well as the Bach's Suite No. 1. This bow will help take any serious student or amateur to the next level of playing.

Bows from the Guy Laurent® workshop are amongst our most popular, serving the most demanding advanced students and serious amateurs. In the tradition of the great French archetiers, we are proud to offer these impressive bows of fine character and outstanding playability. For the violist seeking a strong bow with very warm sound, excellent control and fast response, but without breaking the bank, look no further! Easily comparable to European bows costing twice the price, these master bows are from the finest workshops in China.

Guy Laurent® Pernambuco 1 Star Cello Bow - 4/4 size - Silver Mounted

Item# CB45


In Stock

From the Peccatte head to the silver mounting, this bow is the picture of refinement. Fast and responsive.

Douglas Raguse Cello Bow Silver Mount

Item# DR400C


In Stock

A talented American maker, Raguse studied bowmaking with Lloyd Liu and William Salchow in the 1970s before establishing his own studio in Chicago from 1977 through 1996, during which time he won numerous awards in bowmaking competitions. Raguse takes great care in the wood selection, carefully choosing each blank based on its elasticity, density, quality and grain orientation before handcrafting it into a unique creation. For the past decade, Raguse has crafted fine bows in his studio on Michigan's Leelanau peninsula. An idyllic location to create these exquisite bows.

Steffen Kuhnla Pernambuco Cello Bow - 4/4 size - Silver Mounted - Ebony Frog

Item# SK170C


In Stock

We're excited to introduce these master-made bows from Steffan Kuhnla of Bad Bambrach, Germany. Having apprenticed with R. Messing, C.O. Durrschmidt and R.H. Leicht in the 1980s, Kuhnla became a master bowmaker in 1988 and has crafted outstanding bows for thousands of musicians since that time. The choice selection of pernambuco and Kuhnla's exacting craftsmanship produces bows that play effortlessly, speak with clarity, and reveal the full range of the instrument's tone.

Silver mounted, ebony frog

CodaBow Diamond GX Cello Bow 4/4 Size

Item# DGC4

Shar: $1,015.00Sale: $913.50

In Stock

CodaBow The Diamond Collection: DIAMOND GX (Gold Level)
"Rare Jewel!..." - The STRAD Magazine
"Brilliant..." - STRINGS Magazine

The crown jewel of the DIAMOND Collection, the DIAMOND GX embodies the unrivalled marriage of timeless craftsmanship and industry-first technology. Designed for professionals, the GX offers performance once reserved for only the finest pernambuco bows.

Master makers and leading scientists have combined their lifelong experience to create a collection of bows that elegantly blend bow making’s time-honored principles with today’s most innovative bow technology.


Meinel Two Star Pernambuco Cello Bow

Item# CB95


In Stock

Elegant pearl eyes on each of button's facets hightlight the premium grade pernambuco, medium-stiff stick in average weight range. Silver mounted ebony frog with Parisian eye and wire grip.

Presto® Ovation Cello Bow Black 4/4 Size

Item# CPC146 X 44


Call 866.742.7270 for availability

PRESTO® bows are only made with aerospace-grade fibers and resins. The engineering process guarantees longevity by eliminating "creep," a flaw in carbon-fiber manufacture that can warp a bow or diminish camber over time. All bows are thoroughly inspected, meaning only bows with the best craftsmanship are sent to our customers.

45 Items

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