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Klaus Becker Brazilwood Cello Bow 4/4 Size

Item# CB3


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A German high quality brazilwood bow at an unbelievable price. A medium to strong stick with simulated whalebone winding and nickel-mounted ebony frog. An excellent bow for an intermediate player.

High quality bows representing the finest German workshops. Expert wood selection, artistic cutting, and a jewel-like finish are combined to produce these beautiful bows.

Do you need a new bow? Most players, regardless of skill level, eventually come to the realization that a new bow would be beneficial to their technical and musical development. If your current bow feels like it slips and skates on the surface of the string... if you have a hard time producing more than just a few tone colors... if your off-the-string bowings are noisy and hard to control, then you should consider trying different bows. Please call one of our specialists, all string players, to discuss the Shar In-Home Trial Program: 866-742-7270.

A. Schmidt™ Brazilwood Cello Bow

Item# CBH


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A. Schmidt™ brazilwood bows are a good choice for young players. Offers better flexibility, response, and playability. Fully-lined ebony frog with Parisian style eye, three-part button, thumb leather, wire winding.

Glasser Brooklyn Classic Premium Model Cello Bow

Item# F403W


In Stock

To select bow hair color, please choose from the first select color option. To select bow wood color, please choose from the last select color option. Choose a blue stick/blue hair, red stick/red hair, purple stick/purple hair, or silver stick/black hair

Glasser Bronx Student Model Cello Bow

Item# F402


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Schmidt Workshop Cello Bow

Item# KCB

Shar: $49.99Sale: $39.99

In Stock

Economical bows best suited to beginning players. Half-lined ebony frog, leather thumb grip, three-part button, wire winding.

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