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A. Schmidt™ Brazilwood Cello Bow

REVIEWED ON: June 04, 2014

Bow is fine

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reviewed by: Holly Landry

My daughter used this bow continually for 10 months probably about 300 hrs of use. It was still kicking, when her little brother bumped it off it's stand and it landed on the floor and cracked just enough on top to let the strings eventually come out while playing. She thought it was fine, sound was good and it was adequate, the teacher recommends a fiber, it might be stronger if dropped.


PRESTO® Impulse Carbon Fiber Cello Bow

REVIEWED ON: February 04, 2014

PRESTO Impulse Carbon Fiber Cello Bow

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reviewed by: Anonymous

I am a violinist and violist who enjoys playing the cello now and then. I own several high-end bows, including two Coda Bow Classic carbon fiber bows, which are predecessors of the Coda Bow Diamond GX. About six months ago, I broke down and bought a Presto Impulse cello bow. NICE BOW!!! The Presto Impulse cello bow has excellent weight, balance and handling characteristics. Its durability exceeds any pernambuco bow at any price. Over the years, I've used a lot of cello bows that handled like broomsticks! This Presto Impulse cello bow is a real sweetheart! It is definitely comparable to my Coda Bow Classics. I am a big believer in buying the best bow you can afford, especially if you are trying to inspire your favorite teenager.


Presto® Audition Carbon Fiber Cello Bow

REVIEWED ON: September 24, 2013

Love it but...

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reviewed by: Debra Bauman

I love this bow, hands down love it. I bought it about 5 months ago, it is light and very easy to handle at fast speeds. However, I did have the wedge in my frog slip out. I noticed this about two days ago and have been using an old student bow we had lying around. Thankfully I have the 1 year warantee to rely on now that the Christmas season is coming up fast.


PRESTO® Impulse Carbon Fiber Cello Bow

REVIEWED ON: May 02, 2013

Nice bow. It could improve

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reviewed by: Anonymous

I've had a cello Presto Impulse bow from August 2010, just a few months after it's release. From my two years of experience working with this bow, I can say of it's virtues, that is a nice looking bow, well fitted and produces a warm and mellow sound. In this aspect the designers and manufacturers of this bow have made a good job, because these are the aspects of sound that carbon fiber normally bows cannot achieve. From it's faults I must say that the bow lacks for a little grip and weight towards the tip. And this makes it difficult to play with a consistent sound in this area in a confotable way. Due to the lack of weight and balance near the tip of the bow, you have to be making adjustments with your fingers towards the tip in order to get a good grip. This aspect could be improved in the next generation of Presto bows. But again, considering price, nice looking and beautiful silver fittings, specially the screw, I must say it's a fine bow for the price.


Presto® Audition Carbon Fiber Cello Bow

REVIEWED ON: March 18, 2013

Nice bow

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reviewed by: MARY BERRY

I haven't had long to use the Presto Audition Carbon fiber bow but so far I like it a lot. It's slightly heavier than my Brazil wood bow and I'm thinking that will be a good thing.


Presto® Audition Carbon Fiber Cello Bow

REVIEWED ON: March 06, 2013

Great bow at a great price.

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I use this bow with an NS Design six string electric cello. The bow is light, responsive, lightning quick, produces good volume, is impervious to weather changes and is indestructible. The tone is not what pernambuco proponents are used to, and that seems to be the major complaint against carbon fiber bows, but anyone buying carbon fiber bows should be doing so for their PERFORMANCE, and not because of the tone they produce. It is a compromise. I have several bows. A snakewood baroque bow, a pernambuco bow, an ipe bow and this carbon fiber bow. Granted, none of those bows are the thousand dollar variety, but the carbon fiber bow performs better and is far more responsive than any of my other bows. As far as tone, I like my ipe bow more. I think this bow is a great value, but it's not suitable for all applications (though it may be, depending on your instrument). It is perfect for me, because I am an electric player, and in the electric world we are less dependent on the tone of wood and more dependent on the performance of the gear. Still, I have friends that use similar carbon fiber bows (Coda Bows) and they swear by them. Some of them even going as far as saying they will never use a pernambuco bow anymore. In closing, I think this is a great value and a great performing bow. You just need to find the right application for it.


Presto® Carbon Fiber Cello Bow

REVIEWED ON: February 07, 2013

Presto Carbon Fiber

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reviewed by: Alan DeNicola

I have been playing string instruments for 30 years.... This bow is a must for a step up for any beginner or advanced player looking for a responsive well-made carbon fiber bow without the big price tag. My wife Patty said the cello never sounded so sweet.


SHAR Fusion Carbon Composite Cello Bow

REVIEWED ON: December 12, 2012

Better than expected

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reviewed by: ROBERT BERG

I bought this as a potential second bow, and it felt like a gamble, since it was sight-unseen--and unheard. It's surprisingly good, and easily beats my fiberglass bow, as well as an inexpensive Pernambuco bow. At 80.1 grams, it has a nice weight, and the balance is also good, at 9.2" from the end of the stick. The stiffness exactly matches my nice old German bow, with a Stroup value of 220. It's not as stiff as a Codabow Diamond GX, which might be a good thing. Give it a try!


Guy Laurent® Pernambuco 3 Star Cello Bow - 4/4 size - Silver Mounted

REVIEWED ON: August 17, 2012

Amazing Sound, looks, and feel!

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reviewed by: Jacob Sergent

I am a Cello Major at College and I am happy to say in this case, you get more than you pay for. This bow is a beautiful piece of fine craftsmanship! The pure smooth sound it produces is outstanding. Not only is the bow very well balanced and easy to articulate with, but also very comfortable to hold and play with. It glides effortlessly across the strings giving such a pure resonance, making higher notes sing more and lower notes smoother and deeper. This also helps you accomplish brilliant chords/double stops easier without risk of a harsh, gritty sound. What more need I say, I am in love with this bow. I sincerely recommend this bow to students who mean business!


Presto® Audition Carbon Fiber Cello Bow

REVIEWED ON: April 21, 2012

Amazing Bow!

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I recieved my Presto audition bow in the mail and it is stunning, it only took 3 days for it to arrive. It fits in your hand perfect and the weight is evenly distributed. It's slimmer compared to other bows and is long. It has a good balance of sound and is weightless. I highly recommend this bow and if you are having worries wondering if it's a quality bow, it is you get your money's worth.