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Pernambuco vs. Carbon Fiber

Pernambuco vs. Carbon Fiber

We explore the differences between pernambuco and carbon fiber bows.

Getting the Most out of your Bow

Get the Most Out of Your Bow

Tips that will help you maintain and care for your bow whether you're just starting out or an established professional.

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SHAR Fusion Carbon Composite Double Bass Bow

REVIEWED ON: March 01, 2013

Good Product when it works

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I love Shar products, and as an educator on a budget I thought this was a dream importunity to replace my old dilapidated fleet of bass bows with a decent product at a good price. When I received the 10 that I ordered, one was broken right out of the box. It wouldn't tighten, then within a week 2 more had gone the same way, and now 6 months in, 5 of the original 10 don't work. The hair pulls away from the frog, and the bow won't tighten. Now Shar has been great about replacing them, but I don't want to keep having to send in the bad ones and get another that may or may not have the same problem. I fear I may have to look into replacing the whole fleet sometime in the near future.


SHAR Fusion Carbon Composite Double Bass Bow

REVIEWED ON: February 06, 2013

Decent bow for the price

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reviewed by: JONATHAN MOODY

I bought this bow as I needed a German style bow for a run of gigs, and honestly didn't want to spend a lot of money. For what it is, it's a very nice bow in the price range and the hair is nicer than I expected at this price point. One thing I do not like is the leather wrap. I've only used it on five rehearsals at this point, and the leather is starting to come apart at the seam, and there are some noticeable gouges in the leather itself. These are things that really shouldn't happen this quickly; we're talking about a span of three weeks.


Presto® Carbon Fiber Double Bass Bow

REVIEWED ON: December 14, 2010

Presto Carbon Fiber French Bass Bow

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reviewed by: Rick Auvil

This bow has a clean, streamlined appearance and is very comfortable to grip. The light weight does not compromise a nice, full tone on the double bass. I have used it during long orchestra rehearsals and concerts and it has greatly reduced my fatigue. It's a great bow for the price!