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AB #2 Cello Rosin - Dark

Item# 1186


In Stock

Cello, dark, attached cloth, with tie string.

Hidersine Bass Rosin - Medium

Item# 1192 M


In Stock

Foil wrap, in box.

Petz Bass Rosin - Medium #3

Item# 1193 M


In Stock

Very popular among bassists worldwide, the “Medium #3 Grade” is the most popular, ideal for most situations. It is soft enough to enable strong attacks and articulation, yet produces a smooth tone, and with very little dust.

SHAR Dark Rosin for Cello

Item# 1195


In Stock

Excellent rosin for the student cellist! Large round cake on cloth backing, packaged in SHAR rosin box. Dark rosin is more sticky than light rosin, so it is sometimes preferred by cellists who require more grab on the strings from the bow hair. Dark rosin is also preferred by some who are in colder and more dry regions.

Hidersine Cello Rosin - Light

Item# 1198 C


In Stock

Light, attached cloth, in box.

Hidersine Deluxe Cello Rosin - Dark

Item# 1198 D C


In Stock

Dark, attached cloth, in box.

D'Addario Natural Rosin - Dark

Item# DR1 D


In Stock

All natural ingredients. Packaged in soft plastic channel.

Pirastro Olive Rosin for Violin and Viola

Item# PR11


In Stock

Professional grade rosin. Round cake on white satin-like cloth in Pirastro rosin box.

Pirastro Cello Rosin

Item# PR17


In Stock

Professional grade rosin. Darker round cake on cloth backing in Pirastro rosin box.

Kolstein Ultra Cello Rosin

Item# SK2U


In Stock

Super Sensitive Hypoallergenic Clarity Rosin for Violin or Viola

Item# 1179HV


In Stock

Made from a synthetic resin compound, containing no pine rosin. Provides a clear string response, and is unaffected by humidity.

Dominant Rosin for Violin and Viola

Item# 1203


In Stock

A natural rosin engineered to optimize the performance of synthetic core strings. Made from a delicate blend of fine resins and exotic wax, Dominant Rosin provides the precise friction needed to promote the ideal torsional vibration of any synthetic core violin or viola string. Its soft texture produces less dust and does not get gummed up on bow hair.

212 Items

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