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Duracover Music Stand Bag - 22 inch

Item# 1234

Shar: $6.99Sale: $2.99

In Stock

This bag will hold the 400N and 1226 stands.

Manhasset Music Stand Lamp

Item# 1551


In Stock

Classic Pit Orchestra Stand Lamp for Manhasset Stands. Plugs into wall for highest reliability. Warm light is just the right amount for the down in the pit or in the living room. Bulb included with lamp, also available separately for purchase as item #KBULB. Lamp made of same heavy-duty construction as standard Manhasset stands, with black finish.

Manhasset Music Stand Double Lip

Item# 1555


In Stock

Manhasset Double Lip Automatic is the same as the standard model #AC48 in every way except it has an extra shelf. Helpful when you need pencil, eraser, and/or bow on shelf and want to turn page without launching them onto floor!

Nilton Studio Music Stand with Carrying Bag - Made in Sweden

Item# 1565T


In Stock

Nilton Stands are the best gig & studio stands we've found! The Nilton Studio stand weighs less than 3 1/2 pounds, and now features an elegant black, wood-grained veneer desk that is as sturdy as it is easy to write on. Desk is separate from the base, and attaches securely and easily.

Manhasset Concertino Music Stand - Short

Item# AC48C


In Stock

Manhasset Concertino extends from a very low 16 inches up to 28 inches high, perfect for cellists and smaller players.All Manhasset stands come in a black finish, feature rigid steel construction, height and desk angle adjustable without set screws or locking mechanisms, virtually indestructible. Accessories for Manhasset stands are: Classic Pit Orchestra Stand Lamp #1551, Stand-Out 2-part plastic extenders #1448, very handy slide on accessory shelf #AC52, MusiClip #AC53 transparent to hold down music.

Manhasset AC48 Music Stand with Extenders

Item# AC48SO


In Stock

Black, standard Automatic music stand. Adjustable 28"-48"  height. Lip depth is 2 �". Comes with the Manhasset Stand-Out Extenders. With Stand-Outs, your stand can hold up to 4 pages of music.

Manhasset Music Stand Accessory Shelf - Plastic

Item# AC52


In Stock

Durable black ABS plastic

Manhasset Music Stand Musiclip - Clear Plastic

Item# AC53


In Stock

Transparent highly durable plastic clip that makes playing in the wind a breeze. Clamps securely over entire length of music. Accomodates large collections of music and fits any Manhasset stand. NOTE: Sold individually! If you would like a set for one side of stand and one for the other, i.e. left and right, you must order 2 MusiClips.

Light Bulb for Stand Lamp



In Stock

Replacement bulb for #1565S Nilton Lamp and #1552 Klip-Lite Lamp.

Manhasset Floor Protectors

Item# AC48FP


In Stock

Contains 3 floor protectors.

SHAR Orchestra Folder (11.75" x 14")

Item# FOL2


In Stock

Keep your music in top shape with these attractive, dual pocket folders from SHAR! Economical and they look great! When folded out completely and viewed from behind, full photo of violin can be seen. 11 3/4 x 14? for easy storage of orchestral sheet music. TEACHERS: Interested in obtaining large quantities of these for your studio or school? Call and ask for the SHAR Sales Manager! See item #FOL1 for smaller folder measuring 9.5 x 12.5 which fits easily into most back-packs and book-bags.

Manhasset Voyager Music Stand Bag

Item# AC48VB


Out of Stock

This item is temporarily unavailable from the manufacturer. JB, 4/12/2005

81 Items

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