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Huberman Festival Set VHS

Item# HF5S


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The greatest artists of our time perform these beautiful classics at the renowned Huberman Festival.

Bass String Winder - Ebony

Item# HSW


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Bass String Winder is an essential for changing strings. Saves time and hand fatigue. Durable hard plastic part has opening which slips over tuning machine-peg while other end is comfortably gripped by free-hand and turned around and round until old string can be removed and new string can be installed and then brought up to tune.

Galamian Tapes Set VHS



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Gingold Tapes Set VHS



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Heifetz Tapes Set VHS



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Thermo Pad Hand Warmer

Item# TPH1


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To activate, simply flex the metal disc back and forth until crystals form and knead pad to soften. To recharge, place bag in boiling water and continue to boil water until all crystals are dissolved and bag is completely clear. When bag is completely clear take it out of the water to cool down. When the bag cools down, it is ready to be used! If crystals start forming while the bag is cooling, repeat steps 1, 2 and 3. The pad contains water and food grade sodium acetate (a form of salt) and a stainless steel disc.Flexing the metal disc in the liquid creates a chain reaction causing the pad to crystallize. This ability to produce heat is accomplished because all of the liquid does not crystallize immediately. Molecules that were not required to heat the pad to its maximum temperature will remain liquid, and crystallize as required, to maintain the maximum temperature. Once the pad has given off all of its heat it will remain in its crystallized state until recharged. The pad will be very hot for the first 30 minutes and will slowly cool down. There is no limit as to the number of times a pad can be used.Heat the Thermo Pad in hot water before using and then activate. Pre-heating the Thermo Pad does not change the maximum temperature of the pad but will dramatically increase the duration of the heat. The warmer the Thermo Pad is when it is activated, the longer it will stay hot. Thermo Pad will activate on their own if they are frozen. If this occurs, the Thermo Pad must be recharged before use. To avoid this always store the Thermo Pad where it will not freeze.

Violin Reportoire Piano Accompaniment CD Volume 3 by Perry

Item# LPCD3


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Piano Accompaniment for Advanced Violin Repertoire Volume 3 by Linda Perry, Professor of Piano Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. Mozart Concerto No. 5 in A Major; Rachmaninoff Vocalise; Bruch Concerto No. 1 in g minor; Bartok Rumanian Dances.

Chinrest Tightener

Item# CT1


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Standard Wirebound Manuscript Paper. Published by Hal Leonard.

Item# MP100

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Standard Manuscript Paper. Published by Hal Leonard.

Item# MP300

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Deluxe Wirebound Manuscript Paper. Published by Hal Leonard.

Item# MP400

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The Lion King - Manuscript Paper. Published by Hal Leonard.

Item# MP600

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85 Items

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