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Stoppin Endpin Stop - Small

Item# 1140 S


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Xeros Bass Endpin Anchor

Item# 1147B


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One of our most popular endpin anchors! Improved model features one-piece durable "space plastic" cup/plate with high grade rubber non-slip pad on bottom. Heavy-duty, adjustable nylon strap with D-ring for chair leg. When extended strap measures 51".

"Floors in performance venues always seem to be harder, dustier, and slicker than normal floors; as a result, endpin anchors that have proven to be reliable to me in the past have failed me with large numbers of other people watching. This was exactly the case in a recent performance of my cello trio. I used a small circular rubber endpin stop and a Stahlhammer endpin, but despite this, when I put any amount of weight on my cello, it slipped forward with a horrible noise. In retrospect, I could have been more prepared for that situation by bringing a higher quality endpin anchor. The Xeros is my personal favorite, as it attachs to the leg of your chair and therefore cannot possibly move. It is, however, bulkier than most endpin stops, so for those looking for a more convenient and portable stop the Sure-Stop and the Black Hole are excellent choices."
- Charlie Dwyer, Cellist, SHAR Apprentice




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Tested by SHAR professional cello and bass players... and found to be TOTALLY EFFECTIVE! Sticks amazingly to almost any surface. After after the concert, you can put it in your pocket. Surface is easily renewed with soap and water cleanup. Black recycled plastic.

Stoppin Endpin Stop - Large (3 in x 3 in)

Item# 1140 L


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Rubber Bass Endpin Tip

Item# RTB1


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Protects floor when resting double bass on bare surface and adds a little shock absorption as well. Best used in conjunction with an endpin stop or anchor.

Sure Stop Bass Endpin Stop

Item# 1143


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