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Signature Vintage German Viola Chinrest by Götz - Flesch Style with Hump - Boxwood - Standard Clamp

Item# 1120GSVB


In Stock

C.A. Goetz Company in Germany has a long history of manufacturing the highest quality of stringed instrument fittings from top choice hardwoods. SHAR purchased a collection of these chinrests at auction, and is now offering them for the first time. These Flesch Viola chinrests are large, symmetrical, and centered, with a shape that is ideal for people with long necks or whose jaw tends to rest on the tailpiece. Tall height plate with a soft hump at the center allows for better leverage, allowing greater support of the viola. These rests include the "Gotz" signature stamp and the original stickers, Made in Germany stamps on the cork, and fine leather padding on the bottom clamp. These chinrests are in new condition, despite their age. These are in limited quantity, order now!

Cushy Chinrest Cushion - Large

Item# 1138


In Stock

Washable. Available in small, medium, and large. Large fits 4/4 violins and 15 + violas. Medium fits 4/4, 3/4 violins and 13 , 14 violas. Small fits 1/2 - 1/16 violins and 12 violas. This is a good alternative to the Strad Pad!

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