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The String Play

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The String Play by Phyllis Young

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Every page brims with upbeat, creative ideas for building strong techniques, tone and musicianship. (152 pp. paperback)

So You Want to be a Violinist: A Guide for High School String Players

Item# H64

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No H In Snake: Music Theory for Children by M. Yurko

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Revised Edition. Chapters include hundreds of games for focusing on thirds and triads, lines or spaces, signs and symbols, musopoly, name that note, scales and key signatures. (264 pp, paperback)

Stories of Composers for Young Musicians by C. Kendall

Item# H84


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Biographies of 31 composers from Suzuki violin & viola literature. Large print, illustrated. (208 pp, paperback)

26 Composers Teach the Violinist by William Starr

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58 creative studies from well known literature. Promotes musicianship and the growth of technical facility and assists the development of the ability to read pitch and rhythmic patterns, and the ability to concentrate. Intermediate to advanced. (64 pp, sheet music)

Teaching Stringed Instruments In Classes by E. Green

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Just reprinted, this classic book is still as fresh and applicable now as ever. With plain language and a common sense approach, Ms. Green discusses the challenge of teaching mutiple stringed instruments in one classroom and achieving consistent results across all. This new edition includes updated photographs and illustrations, and a tribute to the late Elizabeth A. H. Green by Daniel Long. 1999 printing.

Principles of Violin Playing & Teaching (Paperback) by Ivan Galamian

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Now back in print, this classic book of technique introduces the Galamian system of violin playing. The original edition has been preserved without changes. Galamian's philosophy, principles of teaching, and practice methods provide astonishing results with student after student, many of whom achieved world class status among the field of concert artists and orchestral concertmasters. Includes a postscript written by the late Professor Emeritus Elizabeth A. H. Green. 144 pp. 1999 printing. Paperback. Also available in hardcover - see item number H20.

Van Bronkhorst, Warren - The Not So Boring Book of Bowing - for Violin - Pernambuco Press

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This bow study book for violin has been arranged from string quartet literature. Each selection requires the use of one or two described bowing techniques and provides parts for two players. The upper line (for students) is the first violin part from a quarter movement. The lower line (teacher) is arranged from the other three instrument parts of the quartet. The result: bowing practice made interesting. Covers Detache, Martele, Colle, Spiccato, Sautille, Portato, Sul Tasto, Volante and more.

Teaching Genius by Dorothy DeLay

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For more than 50 years, Dorothy Delay has taught violin at Juilliard. Her pupils have included such notable players as Itzhak Perlman, Gil Shaham, Midori, and Sarah Chang. The author was granted access to DeLay's classes and lessons. She reveals not only DeLay's methods but offers exploration into the mysteries of teaching and learning. Forward by Zubin Mehta. 248 pp.

New Pre-Twinkle Book by Merrill and Brandt

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