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More Stories of Composers by Catherine Kendall book

Item# H109


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Biographies of 38 composers from the Suzuki cello and piano literature, composer's portraits and birthdays. Large print. (347 pp, paperback)

Music Mind Games Teacher's Book

Item# H157

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This visionary 430-page book has 575 photographs, 325 illustrations, and describes more than 200 sensational games in 24 joyful chapters of musical concepts and teaching techniques for music theory and reading. This book keeps any teacher brimming with ideas. (430 pp. paperback)

Stories of Women Composers by Catherine Kendall

Item# H159


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Biographies of 31 women composers with their portraits, calendar of birthdays, and list of recordings. Large print. (213 pp, paperback)

How to Get Your Child To Practice?Without Resorting to Violence by C. Richards

Item# H181


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Ideas and suggestions to overcome the negative image of practicing. Ideal for frustrated parents. (67 pp, spiral)

Man and Talent: Search Into the Unknown by S. Suzuki

Item# H51


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Shares basic philosophy and his unique approach to music education with classic teaching examples and stories. 16 pgs. of photos.

The String Play

Item# H59

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The String Play by Phyllis Young

Item# H59P


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Every page brims with upbeat, creative ideas for building strong techniques, tone and musicianship. (152 pp. paperback)

No H In Snake: Music Theory for Children by M. Yurko

Item# H77


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Revised Edition. Chapters include hundreds of games for focusing on thirds and triads, lines or spaces, signs and symbols, musopoly, name that note, scales and key signatures. (264 pp, paperback)

Stories of Composers for Young Musicians by C. Kendall

Item# H84


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Biographies of 31 composers from Suzuki violin & viola literature. Large print, illustrated. (208 pp, paperback)

Teaching Stringed Instruments In Classes by E. Green

Item# H230P


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Just reprinted, this classic book is still as fresh and applicable now as ever. With plain language and a common sense approach, Ms. Green discusses the challenge of teaching mutiple stringed instruments in one classroom and achieving consistent results across all. This new edition includes updated photographs and illustrations, and a tribute to the late Elizabeth A. H. Green by Daniel Long. 1999 printing.

The Art of Vibrato DVD with Gerald Fischbach

Item# 7023DVD


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Every students wants good vibrato, and in this video you will see a complete curriculum of time-tested excercises to acquire, develop and expand your vibrato. Dr. Fischbach works with students on violin, viola, cello and bass to provide detailed, action-oriented demonstrations of proven techniques. 40 minutes. 

 Recommended by Michael Avsharian, Shar Senior VP: 
"This is a teaching tool that you will keep coming back to."

String Clinics To Go The Art Of Recruiting DVD



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This new Books & DVDs builds on the experience and knowledge of these two well known expert teachers as they share their 50 years of successful recruiting techniques with you. This is a step by step practical guide to successful recruiting in the schools - designed to help other teachers in creating or expanding their own school string program. Bonus section works in your computer Books & DVDs player, lets you print checklists and sample letters! 2 hrs.
The steps to successful recruiting.
Live recruiting demonstrations.
How to schedule your demonstrations forthe best success.
What to do before and after them.
Proven ideas for pre-beginner recruitment.
Checklists and sample letters for all aspects of recruiting.
The World's Worst Recruiting Demonstrations - What Not to do!

Bob Phillips - Well know clinician, conductor and author of Fiddlers Philharmonic, String Explorer, and more, has taught for over 28 years in the public schools. With his wife, Pam, he also founded the internationally acclaimed Saline Fiddlers Philharmonic.

Bob Gillespie - Professor of Music at Ohio State University, conductor andauthor of many works including Essential Elements for Strings, he is currently National President of the American String Teachers Association. (ASTA)

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