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Enjoy the benefits of a carbon fiber bow - laser-straight tracking, excellent control and unparalleled durability - all at a great price. The perfect bow to teach young players correct technique, the Presto bow is also used by many advanced players for outdoor or pit work, or as a backup bow. Black with finished stick, ebony frog with Parisian eye (bass bows with pearl eye).
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  • Rating:
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    Posted By: Justine Trollinger from Philadelphia, PA
    February 03, 2013

    Great bow!

    My father and i bought this bow for me after my grandmother's old fiber glass bow cracked along the top. After playing violin for 14 years, I can say that I really do love this bow. It is uch lighter than a fiber glass or a wood bow, and does take some getting used to. After I had gotten over this weight change, I found it to be much more responsive to what i was doing than my old bows. It worked completely into my playing style, which is rather intense, fast paced, and quite messy. I've had no problems with hair breakage, or tension issues, and the bow that I received has been wonderful. I have recommended this to my friends, some of which are now playing at rather prestigious music schools, and I would like to get another once I find a nice cheap electric violin I can play in my dorms, that's not going to fall apart in my hands. All in all, I am completely satisfied. ... (See Full Review)

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  • Rating:
    50 Stars
    Posted By: FRANCISCO GARCIA from Northern, AL
    January 29, 2013

    Worth it to me.

    Some background: I have been playing for 30+ years. I play solo for events, and with various ensemble and orchestral groups. I began college on a violin scholarship. I've never been able to nvest in instruments or bows costing upwards of $2000, but have been able to play and sound well enough to gig steadily all these years. That being said, I don't believe I have ever owned a pernambuco bow. To my knowledge all mine have been rosewood. So this comparison of this carbon fiber bow is against rosewood. I have played some expensive-for-me pernambuco bows for a week or so. I have also played, for all of about 30 seconds because it was about all I could stand of that, some fiberglass bows. Really bad stuff that fiberglass. I don't have a weight scale to quantify it, but this bow feels lighter in my hand than my favorite bow even though the balance point is about 1/2 of an inch closer to the tip. It is stiffer than any of my bows. When adjusting the tension of the bow hair, much less distance between the hair and the bow is required to achieve the same tension as the wooden bow. I find that I play this bow with less tension in my right hand and I am able to get more varieties of tone out of the instrument using a lighter touch. However - volume is affected and I feel that I have to pull more bow for similar volume, but being able to play aggressively has never been difficult for me. Since spring is just around the corner here in Alabama, I'll be soon be playing outdoor weddings and events. When playing outside with my wood bows I find that I continually have to adjust the tension to keep the same bounce. I’m sure you’re familiar with it if you live in the heat and humidity of the South. I know that the hair stretching probably contributes to it but it also feels to me like the wood loses some of its stiffness as well. Theoretically this bow should not lose any stiffness. I'll post an update in the spring or summer. Oh, someone in one review thought that the bow hair was synthetic. The hair on this bow is real, not anything different than any re-hair I've ever had (except that one time where I went with the black horse hair in the 80’s...) I think this bow is worth the $80 I paid for it (got it during a 10% off sale!). I definitely don't hate it. I'd recommend it to someone looking for a lighter feeling, higher tension bow. I look forward to exploring the bow’s possibilities. ... (See Full Review)

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